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natalie keyser
31 August 2012

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Nastasia Ohl
30 August 2012

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28 August 2012

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Jewelry Editorial
27 August 2012

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Primary Flight
12 April 2011

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Amber Lee in Little Haiti
3 February 2011

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23 January 2011

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Amber in the studio
1 December 2010

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7 November 2010

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Model in pool
20 June 2010

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barbie boxes
27 December 2009

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9 November 2008

Recent Comments

gautam on Oana
wonderful portrait

Mahmood on Re:form school NYC
I Want Be There For A While , Spend All Day To My Dreams

Mahmood on Jennifer An
I love the illusion in this frame

Mahmood on Model Dayana from Fentonmoon Media
funny,interesting shoot

Mahmood on Amber Lee
Cute Portrait Excellent Compo

Mahmood on Image from my recent shoot in Miami
Love This One

Loretta on Oana
Great portrait!!

gautam on Dancer always

gautam on Amber Lee

Lila on Choreographer
great expression

lisa johnson on Image from my recent shoot in Miami
i really love LOVE your use of color combinations - quite ingenious!

lisa johnson on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
beautiful VIVID color blocking pic - great stuff

spencer tunick on Apple
A clever, imagination, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds. I have attended to your request about ...

spencer tunick on Image from my recent shoot in Miami
“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what ...

klausZ on Image from my recent shoot in Miami
it´s really interesting and revealing to see how to photograph in a professional way for a magazin! great work!

klausZ on Primary Flight
you´ve a special method to shot portraits! really great!

klausZ on Grafiti Model
very impressive colors you use, it´s thiskind of reduced pastel i really love!

Nitin on Grafiti Model
Thats a hot shot. The lovely pale colors combined with the sweet pink and blues. Nice one!

Stefan on Grafiti Model
Very cool colors..well done!

Rayak on Image from my recent shoot in Miami
So please to see you again on the net with such a nice picture (great composition!). Have a nice evening.

Shahryar on Image from my recent shoot in Miami
Interesting :)

Thorfinn on Amber Lee
beautiful portrait

pax on Amber Lee
soft portrait. very nice, congratulations.

klauSZ on Amber Lee
i love the light you use for such portraits! really sensitive with a lot of feeling! superb!

cristoF on Amber Lee
excellent portrait ,le tatouage aussi!

Meysam on coats
This is very very beautiful.

Nitin on Amber Lee
Impressive shot - the tones, the composition and the look in her eyes. All so fantastic and well balanced. Cheers!

Rayak on Whimsy summer
Wonderful portrait and colors. I'm not sure the soft drink is that good!

DIMITRIOS on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
I really like this because it is fresh, the light blends with the colours, the 2 ladies that come from 2different ...

shaun derik on nude
stunning... peaceful

Judith on Whimsy summer
Great portrait!

gautam on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
good work

Elodie on Dancers
great shot!

Elodie on Choreographer

Elodie on Whimsy summer
Just great colours!!

Elodie on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
Excellent!! love all your photos :-)

Håkan on Dancers
Great shot taken in the right time.

Nitin on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
Superb setting and colors!

Rayak on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
Excellent confrontation between the people and the colors, between the two characters, between yellow and blue. Thanks ...

Pavan Kaul on Nac in Iceland
Your work is stunning, sensational and aspirational!

Paco Rubio on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
Very good scene and the shadow diagonally across the image .. Congratulations!

STEED on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
Wow !!!!! I LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dgs on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
excellent !

klausZ on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
beautiful composition, I like this bright colors and to see her problems to look in your direction blinded by the sun!

Sonia Nansid on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
Nice one.

kgoks on Amber Lee in Little Haiti
nice colors and composition.

ceanothe on Dancers
What a great shot !

klauSZ on Fashion fishing
a lovely composing, could be a shooting for an album cover for kathy perry! ;-)

klauSZ on Dancer
beautiful composing! thumbs up!

Nitin on Fashion fishing
Interesting, vibrant, youthful. Good stuff Meagan!

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